Before going back to Norway I had to do one of the emotionally hardest things I have done since coming to London. Saying goodbye to someone is never easy, but luckily we made the most out of it by having tea and cake at the amazing Sketch.

Tea at Sketch

Georgina has been my best friend and fashion partner in crime since my first day in London. I moved away from family and friends to start a university life in London, and she was the first person to open her arms and let me in. But next week it is her time to move away from friends and family and explore another side of the world, when she is moving to Australia for a semester. Therefore, we of course needed a proper goodbye meal before I went to Norway, and we had both been dying to go to Sketch for so long that we both knew we had to try it.

Of course the tea and cake meal at Sketch was only part of our long goodbye-day of shopping, walks around London and the Southbank Centre Festival and the Rekorderlig lodge there. As none of us wanted to say goodbye we just kept on doing more and more stuff until the sun had gone down and we had no choice but to get back home.

Tea at Sketch

Sketch has quite a few different restaurants, and even though we were dying to visit the gallery (aka the pink room), we ended up with some tea and cakes at The Parlour instead. Even though Sketch is not the most affordable of places, we were pleasantly surprised that our cute little meal did not really at all blow our budget. And of course, you really do get what you pay for: the cakes were the tastiest thing I have ever tried, melting on the tongue and giving out so much flavour. They all had quite unique names, so to be honest I do not remember exactly what we ordered, but mine was just like a modern twist on the lemon meringue pie, while Georgina’s was like a mixture of small filled profiteroles. Both so delicious that writing about them makes my mouth watery!

Tea at Sketch

Even though Sketch is a bit more expensive than the average café and restaurant, I would definitely recommend going there if you have a special occasion your celebrating. I am still dying to try out the Afternoon Tea at the Gallery, so I have been dreaming about celebrating my 21st birthday there. We’ll see…


What: Sketch
Where: 9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG

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