Summer might be coming to an end, but as my vacation hasn’t even started yet I thought it was time for a new and fresh summer hair before going away for my travels!


Since colouring my hair dark brown all the way back in November, I have just left it growing and fading. I have always been quite lazy when it comes to my hair, so even though I love the idea of having a new and fresh colour and cut, I never get around to it. Since coming back home to Norway though, I have been determent to do something with my hair before going to Rome, and yesterday I finally had the time off to do it! I went for a darker base colour with a really soft and natural sombre, something completely different but also quite subtle compared to my previous look. It was a bit difficult to get good photos to show you (and I also forgot to take “before-photos”), but I will shoot some photos with Anne Marthe after work today, so hopefully you’ll get an even better look then!


The hairdresser I went to is btw. “Sørhaug Dame og Herre Frisør” here in Haugesund, which I would definitely recommend!

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