I have never really been big on reading beauty blogs, but occasionally my favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers will mention some favourite products at the moment, that I will then immediately start craving as well. In addition I have been watching a lot of beauty vloggers lately, who tempt me with their large collections of products that I can not wait to get my hands on. I started writing down a few of the products that looked the most amazing, and as we walked past a Sephora today I could not help but go in and buy some new beauties.


NEW IN: Even though the Sephora was quite small and did not have all of the products I was hoping for, I found a small Too Faced stand around the corner which was screaming my name. Trying to control myself, I figured out that two products were enough for now, so I went for the two I have been craving the most. The melted liquified long wear lipstick in the shade Melted Marshmallow and The little black book of bronzers. Ever since I managed to forget (!) my chocolate bronzer at a pre-drinks back in London I have been missing it so much, but as I have wanted to try out some other shades as well I thought this bronzer palette was the perfect product for me. I seriously can not wait to play around with it, and hopefully both of the products will live up to my expectations, after all of the Blogger Hype they have both gotten.


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