On several occasions now I have had friends/ readers ask me for tips on where to eat when they’re in London. I of course have my London Tips (which has not been updated in a while – sorry!) which is filled with lots of great places, and I often recommend for example Franco Manca (my all time favourite pizza-place) for dinner. But the thing is that when you are in London for a few days only, it is not always as easy to plan out your whole day and where to eat every meal, as you have a lot you want to do. If you are in the middle of Oxford Street on a big shopping spree and start to feel an urgent hunger, you often go for the easiest/ closest option. But, over the course of my year here I have found myself a few favourites which are all good for “all day food”. Either if you on a shopping trip, girls night out or family vacation and fancy a nice breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, these five places are definitely worth looking into:

1. Le Pain Quotidien 

2evxoybWhenever in doubt, choose Le Pain! Definitely one of my favourite places for breakfast, but also a great choice for every other meal of the day. Their freshly baked goods, homemade spreads, delicious hot and cold drinks and wide variety of meals makes it the ideal place for a nice sit down and some food. As Le Pain is a café chain you can find locations all over London, which is ideal if you don’t want to go through too much hassle, but still want a good and budget friendly meal. Read more about my experience with Le Pain. (PS: Le Pain can not only be found in London! (da-ah). I for example had my Dubai-breakfast there.)

I recommend: Order some eggs or a salad, and share a bread basket (which gives you a whole lot of homemade bread and spread)


2. The Breakfast Club

1582xkoOne of the places I was most excited to visit when I moved here was The Breakfast Club. I love breakfast food more than anything else, and I had been lusting for their pancakes forever. The first time we went there we went in the morning time, and queued for about half an hour before we got in. It was completely worth it though, and I would definitely do it all over again. But, even though it is called “the breakfast club”, you can also go there for lunch, dinner, dessert or just drinks! Even though they serve breakfast all day (which means that I always have pancakes for dinner), they also have a large variety of burgers and other dinner meals, in addition to some delicious cocktails and desserts. They currently have seven locations in London, so when you are feeling hungry you can just flip up your phone/ map and see which location is the closest! Read more about my experience with the Breakfast Club.

I recommend: Pancakes with berries and cream (the best cream ever) with freshly squeezed orange juice for daytime, and your favourite cocktail in the evening.


3. The Kensington Crêperie


If you are not sure where to go to eat, I always recommend South Kensington. And if you are not sure where to eat there, I always recommend my favourite spot The Kensington Crêperie. (There is also a great Le Pain and Franco Manca there, but you should definitely visit the Crêperie first). We first stumbled into this magical café early November, as I had just finished a fashion show/ blogger event, and we were all in the mood for some food and drinks. We took the tube to South Kensington because there is a variety of restaurants there, and because it is one of the most beautiful places ever. As we walked out of the station, a place caught our eye immediately, with the words “crepes, waffles and wine” (among others) on their sign. We all looked at each other, and knew we had found our place. With ice cream, crepes, waffles and drinks, it is the perfect place for a girls night out and some sweets, but the big menu also has savoury crepes and other dishes, perfect for a lunch and dinner. (But be sure to order something sweet as well, sharing is caring). Read about my experience with The Kensington Crêperie.

I recommend: If you are in the mood for something sweet (I know you are) order the strawberry, chocolate and banana waffle (with or without ice cream) and a glass of their house rosé.


4. Jackson + Rye

Best Restaurants London

I always like trying out new places, so I have actually only been to Jackson + Rye once, but as I got such a good impression of it and would not mind going back, I would recommend it to you. I think this is the priciest place on the list, but do not worry, it is still not particularly pricy. Jackson + Rye is one of those places which have the atmosphere and look of a really classy and pricy place, without being it. The music, people and interior is bold and beautiful, and the food is just as amazing. We went there for lunch last time, and I had such a hard time choosing what to get as all of the dishes sounded tempting. I would say it is the perfect brunch/ lunch place, where you can sit down and fully relax, but on the menu you can also find dinner, dessert and drinks for the whole day. With three locations around London, it is not the place you see around every corner, but a perfect hideout place to rest your legs and enjoy some amazing food. Read about my experience with Jackson + Rye.

I recommend: the Egg Benedict with avocado, honey glazed bacon and toast, with either just a glass of water or a cocktail.


5. Pellicci’s


I know I just visited this place, but I just can’t help it, I fell completely in love. It is quite different from all of the other places, not being a well-known chain but a small and simple family restaurant which you can find on a lot of corners here in London. Except that it is not like every other simple corner-café. We came there for the breakfast, and stayed for the people, atmosphere and amazing food all around us. As it is not a chain restaurant, it gives out a lot of hospitality, love and genuinity which you will not find a lot of other places. Even though we went there because we saw their breakfast on buzzfeed, we quickly realised that we needed to come back soon, as the menu was filled with genuine Italian dishes (our favourite) for amazingly cheap prices! I know that the location is in East London, but I really recommend you to take the trip. And after all, East London is the greatest place for vintage shopping, so you should take a trip either way! Read about my experience with Pellicci’s.

I recommend: The full english is served all day and perfect if you love proper breakfast food. If not, ask for the waiters recommendation (they know their stuff)!


I hope you liked this post and that it is helpful for you next London-trip. As always, let me know if you have any questions, and tell me if there is anything else you want me to write/ tips about!

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