Rome is such a big city with so much to offer, and I am sure I haven’t even visited and experienced even a small percentage of it, but after my second week-long trip there I thought I would share my best tips and favourites when it comes to this beautiful city. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and please ask me if you have any questions! Here is my ultimate Rome Guide:

Rome Guide


colosseumorangegardenBella Toscana Rome keyholevaticantrevipiazzaThere are so many things to do and see in Rome, that no matter how much I mention there will always be something more. The city is filled with beautiful places and buildings, and no matter where you walk and look there is always a hidden ruin or something else interesting. The best thing you can do is to put on your good shoes, bring your camera and a bottle of water, and just walk, because you will find beautifulness everywhere. But of course, there are some places that I fell more in love with than others, so here are my definite recommendations of where to go/ what to see.

  • When thinking about Rome, I am sure the Colosseum is one of the first things that pops up. We were so lucky that we lived within walking distance of the Colosseum, so we got to see it at least once a day. It is such a beautiful and breathtaking building, that is just such a must to visit and photograph. The last time I was in Rome we went inside, but this time we just walked around it and photographed the outside of it. It is definitely beautiful inside as well, and worth the visit, but the queues are always so horribly long that it might not be top priority.
  • On our Segway Tour we drove up a long hill and ended up at the Orange Garden. It is something I had never heard about before, but after this visit I just want everyone to know about it. It is such a beautiful garden filled with big trees and benches, and at the end of it there is a viewing point from which you get a panoramic view of the whole City, with the Vatican in the middle in front of you. It was such a beautiful and relaxing place, and I never wanted to leave. The perfect place for a romantic date!
  • Before arriving at the Orange Garden, we went to a place at the top of the hill which I had heard about and was so excited to visit. The Knights of Malta Keyhole might just be a small keyhole on a big green door, but there is a reason for the big queue to look inside of it. As your eyes focus in the middle of the hole, you get to see the beautiful garden which is behind the closed doors, and in the middle of it you get an arched view of the Vatican. It is quite impossible to get a good photo of it, you just have to see for yourself!
  • Just like Colosseum, the Vatican is a must. It is just as beautiful and breathtaking, and you get such a majestic feeling while being there. You know that it is an own state/country right? Just like the Colosseum you can visit the inside, and I am sure it is beautiful and worth it, but the queue is the longest one I have ever seen (not even joking) so be prepared for waiting. We were pleased enough with exploring the outside area!
  • The Trevi Fountain was one of the places we were all the most excited for, so we got so disappointed when it was closed for renovation… It was closed, the water wasn’t there and it was covered by fences and so on, but luckily I have seen it once before, so I know how beautiful it is. Definitely worth a visit (hopefully it opens up again soon…) and while you’re there, grab a gelato! There are so many delicious gelato places there :-D
  • Piazza Venezia is a place we went past every day in our bus/ taxi, and I fell more and more in love with it. If I remember correctly the tour guide on our Segway Tour told us something about how Italians actually don’t like it (I sadly don’t remember the reason), but every tourist loves it so much!




Since Rome has so much to offer, I would definitely recommend going on some kind of tour, so that you get to see as much as you possibly can within the days you have there. We were lucky enough to get to try out a few different kind of tours, that all gave us a different look on Rome.

  • The most standard and well known way of touring a big city is of course by a Hop on Hop off Bus Tour. The city is filled with them, and there are a lot of different companies and tickets to choose from. When we bought our ticket (from a stand by the Colosseum) we thought we had bought one from the “original red one”, but it turned out it wasn’t. Either way, they all drive right about the same route and cost around the same. We bought a 24-hour ticket, so that we could take the buss all of Tuesday afternoon/evening and then again on Wednesday morning/day. What I love about the bus tours is that you can hop on and hop of, and use it as a transportation around the city as well as a guided tour, but to be honest I am not such a big fan of listening to what they say, and sometimes it is annoying with all the traffic.. Read more about our bus tour here.
  • … Which is why I absolutely loved the Segway tours around Rome (sponsored)! Within the course of three hours, we got to experience all of the most beautiful places of Rome, and we also learned so much from our guide. When driving on a segway, you don’t have to walk up and get tired from all of the hills and long roads, but then again you don’t have to wait in traffic – it’s the perfect way to get around (…and I still really want one!). You can either take a day or night tour, but I would recommend the day one mostly because you get better photos (!) and you get to experience Rome while the sun sets. Read more about our Segway tour here.
  • Both the bus and Segway tours focuses on the history and architecture of ancient Rome, but if you want a tour that is a bit different and maybe more exciting information wise, then I would definitely recommend going on a Dark Rome Tour (sponsored). We went on a Angels and Demons walking tour, where the guide walked us through the dark streets of Rome which has secrets and rumours around every corner. Something you will definitely remember for the rest of your life! Read more about our Dark Rome tour here.





Usually when traveling I love searching for great places to eat and then write restaurant recommendations, and I know that a lot of you enjoy reading my restaurant tips as well, but while I was in Rome I realised I did not feel like doing it. Not because Rome does not have any restaurants to recommend, but because there are too many! To me, the most important thing to do in Italy is to eat a lot of different Italian food, so instead of giving you recommendations of where to eat, I thought I would let you know what I ate instead.

  • I always love a good antipasti, and a real Italian bruschetta with lots of tomatoes, lots of garlic and lots of delicious oil is definitely a favourite of mine. It is a great dish for sharing with your friends/ family before getting your main course, or a good option for a quick and small lunch dish.
  • When we arrived in Rome late Monday evening, we were craving something quick and delicious. Luckily right about all Italian food is both, so we were so please when we stepped into the cutest little family run restaurant which served real and freshly made lasagne with the most amazing white sauce ever.
  • Do I even need to mention pizza? My first time in Italy me and my family traveled around different cities for two weeks, and I ate (margarita) pizza every. single. day. It might sound a bit boring, but how can you resist something so delicious? I love a good margarita with lots of fresh mozzarella and basil on a thin and crispy crust. *Mouth starts to water*
  • In addition to these dishes that I actually managed to photograph, I also enjoyed some delicious panini with mozzarella and ham, pasta with pesto (my second favourite!), spaghetti pomodoro and so much more.
  • And last but not least, lets not forget to eat delicious gelato every single day, right?  There are so many flavours to choose from, fruity or chocolatey, and they all taste just as delicious and home made. If you have room for even more, try out some delicious desserts including tiramisu (!), panna cotta or nutella crêpe !




Our trip to Rome was not at all a shopping trip, but of course a few things ended up coming home with us in our suitcases.

  • On our first day we went to the Castel Romano Designer Outlet, and I am so happy we did! It is a 30-minute bus ride outside or Rome, and definitely worth the trip. It was such a beautiful village with all of the big designer stores, and I was so happy when I found myself a beautiful Michael Kors bag. I would rather buy one more expensive great item, then a lot of cheap junk! (+ with the discount/ outlet price it really wasn’t too bad). You can read more about Castel Romano here.
  • The few things that I bought except for my bag was a few beauty products. I love Sephora more than anything, so when we saw one just by The Spanish Stairs we popped in and I ended up with some new favourites. We also visited other fun stores that we don’t have at home (at least not in my hometown) like Zara, but I didn’t really feel like shopping.  Read more about my Sephora haul here.
  • This trip was not a shopping trip at all, but a few souvenirs is always a must. Postcards, magnets, key rings or whatever, it is so fun to collect and save for later! When in Rome, I would recommend spending some money on some simple souvenirs and of course food! We bought pasta, cheese, oils, wine and other Italian deliciousness with us – so cheap and so worth it!



ultimateniceloungeTo be honest, we didn’t go out too much. We had a lot we wanted to do, and full days filming in the burning sun made us so tired and exhausted in the evenings. But, as we had a whole week there, we needed a few nights of filming and sightseeing to grab a few drinks and enjoy ourselves!

  • On our first night out we went out with Rome’s Ultimate, which was really great as we didn’t know anyone or anywhere to go. We went out with them on a Wednesday night, when they had a Pub Happy-Hour with free drinks and pizza before heading out to a club. We payed €25 when getting to the pub, and then we didn’t pay anything for the rest of the evening (drinks, pizza, buss, entry) so that was quite good!
  • The club we went to was Nice, and it was one of the most beautiful clubs I have ever visited. I am not sure where it is located, as we had to take a buss in what felt like forever, but when we finally got there it was so worth it. It was a big disco/club with kind of a Ibiza vibe with no ceilings (looking up to the stars) and palm trees. It was all really modern and chic, so the drinks at the bar were quite expensive… The DJ was great at first, but after a while the music turned too “clubby” and we couldn’t really sing or dance anymore, so we went for pizza ;-)
  • On our second night out we were supposed to go to this place that was apparently closed, so then we instead kind of randomly ended up at an Irish Pub called Scholars Lounge. So happy that we did! The atmosphere there was so great, the drinks were quite cheap and soooo delicious (strawberry daiquiri’s anyone?), the food was good as well (we needed some fries, okay?) and the service was so great! Would definitely love to go back when I visit again.



resortmetroScandic Hotel GardermoenRome is filled with a hotels around every corner, but of course the standard isn’t always as good as we are used to in Norway at least, so I was so happy when we arrived and our apartment was the “perfect-blogger spot” (white walls and beds, big windows for good lighting, white furniture and so on).

  • We stayed at the Roma Resort Colosseum, which is definitely somewhere I would stay again. We were four girls who shared an apartment which had one double bed, one sofa that turned into a double bed (a real comfy one that is!), two bathroom, a small kitchen and a seating area. It was the perfect place for us, it was within walking distance of the Colosseum and we had a Metro station right outside our doorstep.
  • I guess it does not matter too much where you stay, as long as you live close to a Metro station. We could walk to the Colosseum, yes, but if we wanted to go somewhere else it was so great that taxi wasn’t our only option. Taxis might not be too expensive there, but if you are staying for a week you need to learn how to take the metro as well! (Or the buss, but I prefer the metro).
  • And one for my Norwegian readers (or if you are going to Norway), if you need somewhere to sleep because your flight leaves really early in the morning or late in the evening like mine did the day after: Book a room at the cozy Scandic Gardermoen, which is just seven minutes away from the airport. Read more about my stay there here (sponsored).


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