Rome is a city with a lot to offer, and even though we have a whole week here we only have the time to see a small portion of what is to be found. Grand history, architecture and culture is to be found right around every corner, and you definitely need to spend at least a whole day sightseeing. The fun thing is that you have a lot of options when choosing your way to do so, including walking, driving, cycling, taking a bus or even driving a segway! More on the segway later, because on our first day of sightseeing we decided to hop on (and off) a buss that drove around town stopping at all of the most famous places, and we definitely got some beautiful sights!


In addition to stopping at all of the standard well known places, I love taking the buss because you get to look up and around all of the streets, seeing beautiful architecture and quirky houses. I always love taking a hop on – hop off buss when I am traveling in bigger cities, as you can get so much more information and clarity than just by walking by yourself. You can also buy a pass for 24 hours (like we did) or more and use the buss pass as a way to get around town, for your sightseeing but also for everything else around town, instead of taking the metro or a taxi. It is the easiest way to see as much as possible on a short period of time, and also a great way to give your legs some rest (as there is a lot of walking when in Rome…).

IMG_9603-1IMG_9607rIMG_9520rIMG_9626rIMG_9619rIMG_9534rIMG_9568rIMG_9576rIMG_9550rIMG_9585r2Be sure to check out Iselinn, Elise and Pamela’s blogs as well.


What: City Sightseeing by Buss
Where: All around Rome