…does not stay with the bloggers.


TRAVEL: I am finally back home in my bed, but I miss Rome so much already. If money and work were no issues, then I would have stayed forever. Seriously. I have always loved Italy, and this week again showed me why; the people, the architecture, the atmosphere and of course the food. But what was even more special then all of that were the lovely bloggers whom I got to travel with.

With lots of struggles and stress in my life lately, traveling to somewhere “unknown” with three unknown girls felt a bit scary. Not because they did not seem like wonderful girls, of course they did, but because I had never met anyone of them before. What if we did not click, what if I would feel homesick and lonely? Well, luckily I did not at all.

When I first met all of them they did not feel like complete strangers. I have read all of their blogs for quite a while, in addition to talking a bit online before departure, so finally meeting them was so much fun. For every day that passed we got so much closer and started to really relax and get to know each other. I shared a bed with Elise every night and had a fancy coco pops breakfast with her every morning for a week, so it actually did feel a bit strange when I was sleeping alone in my bed last night.

Even though it feels a bit sad to leave Rome and the girls, it is nice to be back home again (after two days in Oslo, more on that later!) to my dog, family and friends. Luckily I can keep in touch with the girls online and keep following their blogs [Elise, Iselinn and Pamela] , and hopefully I will get to meet them again in not too long! Thank you for an amazing vacation x

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