In one week I will finally have some time off work and life here in Norway and travel to Rome with a few fellow bloggers from Femelle. I can’t wait!


I have been to Rome once before, but to be honest it was quite a bad experience. I have always loved Italy, but when we had a weekend in Rome a few years ago everything just seemed to go wrong. But, I do not like to have a bad impression of anywhere, so I am really looking forward to going back for a whole week and hopefully make some better memories! Pizza and wine are my all time favourites in life, so I am ready to indulge and enjoy as much as possible. We have a few things planned already, but as we are spending a whole week there, I would really love to get a few recommendations from you readers, if you have any!

Do you have any restaurants/ places/ things to do/see or something else to recommend in Rome? Let me know xx