They keep telling me that love is where the heart is, but what if my heart is scattered all over the world?


OUTFIT: I miss London. I miss Rome. I miss Qatar. It seems to be all I think about. Missing what I don’t have, missing what I used to have.

You can’t choose where you were born, but from then on (ish) you can choose where you want to live. When I was younger the thought of moving scared me. I saw my friends and sisters moving from one place to another, while I stayed put in my house for 13 years. Then suddenly we moved to Qatar, sold our house and moved three times in the course of two years. And even though it was scary back then, I feel so happy and blessed when looking back at it now, as it was the beginning of my wanderlust and urge to move around. I got an urge to see and explore more, and I knew I wanted to leave Norway the second I could. So I did. Leaving my small home town, I reached for bigger dreams and moved to the big city life that London has to offer. But after a year in London I have spent my full summer break back home, and even though the weather has not been amazing and not much has been happening, I slowly started to realise the beauty of my home town. I might have homes “all over the world” now, but Haugesund, Norway, will forever be my true hometown.

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Jumpsuit: StyleMoi {sponsored}  | Shoes: Indiska | Hat: Mango
Location: Haugesund, Norway| Photography: Anne Marthe Widvey Photography




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