It’s Valentines Day and for the first time in 5 years I am single.

And I am okay with that.

Valentines Day with Mom

When these romantic days comes around, I usually drift back and think about my exes. The loves that I lost. The ones that lost me. The traditions we used to have, the love is used to feel. But this year, I don’t need no Valentine. The only person I truly miss is my mom.

Not only is today Valentines Day and Chinese New Years. Back home in Norway it is also Mothers Day, and I don’t think there has been another day when I have missed my mom more than today. Living away from family and friends is never easy, but this past year I have definitely felt the longing for my mom more than anyone else. The love for your mother is a special one not easily understood or explained, a deep kind of love that is stronger than anything else. I think it is a kind of love which grows stronger as you grow older, realising how much your mom (and dad) actually do for you and your life. I look at my mom as the most important women in my life, and also the most caring and strong person I know of. I am sure you feel the same way about your mother. 

Mom is the person who has always supported me no matter what. The one who I could always turn to for comfort. The one who would always understand me and my heart.

It pains me a bit that I am no with my mom on this day, celebrating Mothers Day and Valentines with her. I wish I could wake her up with breakfast in bed and have a full day with her, talking about everything and anything in life. But I am here (London), she is there (Norway) and my dad is at a third place (Qatar).  So this year, writing to her will have to do. Even though words will never be enough to explain how much I love and miss my parents.

If moving away from my friends and family to London has taught me one thing, it is how strong true love really is – wether that is for a family member, friend or significant other. Today is Valentines Day and no matter if it is something you celebrate or not, I hope this is a day you spend with your loved ones. And if you can’t spend the day with them, make sure to let them know how much you love and miss them. They deserve to know.

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