The last month of Autumn is here and Winter, the cold and maybe even snow is creeping upon us. In these cold and dark months it is extra important to take good care of your skin. If you want to know how I do it, then please keep reading:


I have always been blessed with good skin, which does not dry out or get too many spots. Part of why my skin has always been good and stayed that way through my teenage years is simply enough due to one magical thing: water. The simplicity and purity of water can often be forgotten with all the fancy products that are now on the market. Even though I do use a few products on my skin, my most important tips will always be to use water: wash your face with it every day and drink lots of it. This will definitely help your skin stay clear, healthy and hydrated.

But, I do of course rely on a few products as well, which I thought I would share with you.


Make up remover: No matter if you take the time to properly cleanse your skin or not, the most important thing of all (in my opinion at least) is a daily makeup remover. No matter how much and what type of makeup you are using, it is so important to properly remove it before going to bed so that your skin can breath properly and your eyes do not get annoyed. I have always been a fan of Simple makeup wipes just because they are so quick and easy, but I have lately also fallen in love with the use of this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, which is so much better for your skin!

Moisturiser: Again, no matter if you cleanse your skin or not one thing every skin needs is a good moisturiser. With the weather changing with the seasons your skin will be affected and dry up, so be sure to save it with the use of a moisturiser. I have used the same one for four years now and I honestly do not think anything can ever replace it: the Ole Henriksen Nurture Me cream is so lightweight and quickly drying, while being so extremely rich and hydrating. It smells heavenly and it leaves your skin radiant and fresh. It is a bit pricey, but one jar will last you a good year (I have only gone through three since I got my first one at 16) so it is well worth the splurge!


Cleanser: I was never any good with cleansers when I was younger, I would only use a makeup wipe and be done. Luckily, that has now changed. Yes the makeup removers might get most of your makeup, at least the most visible one, but you will need a good cleanser to really get in there and rinse away all the excess. Also, your skin is exposed to so many chemicals and other things every day, which you need to cleanse away before going to bed. I recently picked up this Neutrogena Cream Wash and I absolutely love it!

Scrub: Even though my routine has had a cleanser in it for quite a while now, something I have never been any good at is using a scrub. I would get quite hard scrubs which I could only use once or twice a week, and then end up not following through with actually using it. Since I don’t have a lot of problems with my skin I thought I wouldn’t need to scrub it down all the time. But then I realised that a good deep scrub would do wonders for my skin and get away everything from it, so I started using it again. I realised that if I went for a more gentle daily scrub, I would not forget to use it as it would be a part of my daily routine. This one from Neutrogena is in the same series as my cleanser, and I love it just as much!

And there you have it, my daily skincare essentials for Autumn/ Winter. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some tips? Now I would love to hear how your skincare routine is this season, and if you have any products you love to death – let me know in the comments!


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